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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Still Sick!

EDIT: I called the nurse at the pediatricians office and she is calling in some cream for Natalie's rash. Also, I have to take in a sample to check for any food poisoning, but she agreed that it sounds like a virus that just has to go through its course. Thanks for all the great advice. Right now all she'll eat is yogurt, but at least she's eating! I also switched her to pear juice from apple juice, because apple juice can make the problem worse. not sure if pear juice is any better, but I mix it 1/4 juice, 3/4 water, and that's about all I can do since it's all she'll drink.

Well, our little girl is still sick. I feel like this is one of those "You know you're a real mom when . . ." moments. All I have done for the past few days (since Saturday) is change poop - and it's all over! Today we are on our seventh diaper and our fourth outfit, and it's only 11! She's actually still in her jammies top, and I have just been changing her bottoms. ANyone with advice on how to keep this runny stuff from leaking out, I would love to hear it!

To top it all off, she has a terrible diaper rash. So, when i go to change her diaper, she gets all upset because it hurts. She kicks and screams, thus getting poopy all over her feet. Yesterday we had to go to a dr appointment, and she got poopy all over her car seat. Only problem with this is that we had an hour drive to go back home after the appointment! I didn't happen to have a spare car seat in the trunk!

well, now that I have vented, I feel a little better. Experienced moms, advice please! This feels like the sickness that will never end. We are thankful that she is still good natured and is eating and drinking, so I don't think we need to call in the doctor. I guess it's just a matter of letting this bug run its course, but this sure isn't fun!

Here is a picture from this morning. She has recently decided that sitting in her peek-a-blocks wagon is more fun than actually playing with it.So this mornign she was wedged down in it and between her kitchen and her legos. Quite funny! Please ignore her clashing outfit - I am having a difficult time keeping up with her going through 4-5 outfits a day - matching just isn't a priority.


The Hall Family said...

Aww...poor Natalie. I hope she feels better soon. It's horrible when your kids are sick and there's nothing you can do for them. I'd say let her go without a diaper for a while to help with the rash, but that's probably not a good idea with her having the runs. :P
Elijah is 19 months by the way:)

mohoelx said...

lots of cream for the rash, and focus on mild, rib-sticking food - like oatmeal (but try to keep sugar down to a minimum). Sugar is like pouring gasoline on a fire with most gastro-intestinal illnesses.

The Harrisons said...

Poor little chicky! I'll pray she feels better soon :-)