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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Getting So Big!

Here are some pics of Natalie on her "big girl" bed. We are eventually going to have a twin bed for her in her new room, but I decided that making the switch from a crib to a bed would be easier on her in her existing room, and there is no way a twin will fit in the nursery as it is right now. So, we had this toddler bed anyway that we got off of Craigslist, so we set it up in her room. She has not yet slept in it, because she is a little fearful, but she loves to climb on it and pretend to go 'night night.' We're going to leave it in there a few days and then transfer her. Yes, this is a little early, but when you are the mom of a preemie, you want to get "prepared" for the new arrival a little early I think.

Jumping on the bed is quite fun.

This was my baby blanket. I think it looks so cute on the little bed!

She had a hair in her mouth and started freaking out when I was getting her jammies on!

Dress up time! The little skirt, tiara, and wand were birthday gifts from my mom. She loves them, but isn't so sure about the yellow shirt yet mom! (Please ignore the junk on her table - she woke up in the middle of a cleaning project! It's gone now, trust me.)

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