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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Vacation, Part 1

Well, we just got back from vacation in Greenville. The reason we went was to attend my brother's senior vocal performance recital. He did a great job! We also got to visit with two sets of grandparents on my side as well as my parents, so we decided to take Natalie. The morning we were getting ready she was super clingy and then started just laying around, which isn't like her. She felt a little warm, so I gave her some Tylenol and threw the thermometer into the suitcase. On the bus on the way to the airport she was very excited to see the planes and ride the bus. However, after about 30 minutes, she conked out. At the airport we had planned on letting her run and play, but she was a permanent fixture on Tim's shoulder. She was not feeling well! She slept and slept. When we arrived in Greenville she was so hot! We had a quick dinner with my parents and she was almost sleeping in her highchair. I was feeling so awful for her!

When we got to the hotel and I could take her temp, it was 101! I felt terrible for dragging her everywhere. She wasn't cranky, though, just out of it and sleepy. She did pretty good for the trip, in spite of being a sick little girl. She now has a terrible cough and a runny nose, and the pollen that Greenville is famous for didn't help matters. She was a trooper, though, for the most part, and got showered with lovely gifts from all of the grandmas and "papas." Thanks everyone!
Other highlights of the trip include getting to see one of my old students who is now a freshman at BJU. Tim also got to see his auto/diesel teacher, which was a great blessing. I doubt we will be back in Greenville any time soon, so I was glad he got to see his old teacher.

Well, there are quite a few pictures, so I will load some and then make another post. Although, this may be pointless, because most of the family members who would care were with us! Oh well, hopefully everyone else will enjoy them too.

Enjoying a lemon at a restaurant.

The rash on her face we think was from a combination of the cold and the laundry soap the hotel used on the sheets.

She loved that the jaguars were right up next to her! We enjoyed a short trip to the little Greenville Zoo.

This crazy giraffe was practically kneeling to get some grass! A few minutes later the lion in the next pen roared and the giraffe started running! That was something I had never seen before!

Feeding the goats. Natale "nummy nummy!"

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