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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Good News and Big Sister Talk

Well, we have some good news on the Jaundice front! Her levels are going down, so no more heel pokes. Yeah!

In the last few days Natalie has said and done some pretty cute things as a big sister. She has a step stool that she uses to get into bed at night. She doesn't need it, but she wanted it in there. She now uses it to step up so she can look into Megan's crib.

So here are some of the cute things she has said and/or done:

When Megan was throwing a fit about being put into her car seat, and Natalie started yelling, quite loudly, "It's OK baby, don't cry." then she went and found the pacifier and told me to give it to Megan.

She is quite fascinated about me nursing the baby. I have a nursing cover that I am using while my parents are here, and Natalie wants it off when I am nursing so she can see the baby. She asked me, "Baby drink milk from mommy's tummy?" So I explained a little about nursing to her. She wanted to know if the baby was drinking chocolate milk. Today when Megan was crying, Natalie ran up to me and told me to "feed baby sister" while pulling up my top. I guess she is figuring it out!

She loves to tickle Megan. She "tickles" all of her, and she got very excited today when Megan's hand touched hers. She told me that Megan was "shaking hands."

Today she told me, "Baby sister come out mommy's tummy." I confirmed that that was true, and then she said, "Mommy's tummy empty now."

Yesterday she was pushing Megan in the swing, and Megan was just looking and looking at her. Natalie said, "Baby like it push swing, mommy."

So far I am enjoying being a mommy of 2. They are so much fun together, and Megan doesn't even do anything yet! We'll see how I feel when my parents leave, but right now it is thrilling! I posted some pics on facebook of the girls' baths today. You can see them at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=50793&l=05f83&id=805684545 if you are not on facebook.

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