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Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Pics and Birth Story

So, I am sitting here in the hospital, all alone, Megan is under the lights for jaundice, and I can't sleep, so I thought this would be a good time to post her birth story, since people always want to know these things. A c-section isn't as thrilling as a regular birth as it is somewhat predictable, but here goes.

The night before the procedure I was still praying that if it was the right thing to do it naturally, I would go into labor on my own. I had one really big contraction before we went to bed, but nothing else. I the morning, I prayed that prayer one last time and we headed to the hospital at 5:30. We arrived and filled in a bunch of paper work. They took blood, did the MRSA swab (that's a new procedure) and then we waited. I think we had to wait like an hour. There was nothing on the TV so we were watching The Planet's Funniest Animals. I was very nervous, hungry, and thirsty.

The anesthesiologist came in sometime after 7 to talk to me about the procedure. I was nervous, but he helped calm my nerves as he talked me through what to expect. It hit me then that a c-section is just about the only type of major surgery that you can be awake for. Then they wheeled me back and started everything. I wasn't real thrilled about a young male student being in there, but they didn't really give me a choice. I felt a little exposed and that he didn't really need to be there, but oh well. It was 7:30 when they took me in.

The spinal was started almost right away. It made me feel like I was going to pass out, which is normal, and they gave me something in the IV to bring my blood pressure back up and then I was ok. They brought Tim in and he hunkered down behind the sheet with me and held my hand. I was thinking, "I wonder if they have started?" when one of my doctors said, "Oh my, look at all that hair." Then I heard the nurses say, "Whoa, big baby!" So not only had they started, but it was almost over (the birth part anyways). She was officially born at 7:51. She was crying quite well after they suctioned out her mouth and nose. They brought her over to me after checking her vitals, and I was able to partially hold her with the nurse's help, as my hands were pretty numb. Then she and Tim went down to the nursery while they stitched me up. I was out of the OR by 8:15. It was very fast. My doctor said that based on the baby's size, proportions, and position, she would not have been able to be born naturally, so we made the right decision.

In the recovery room I had requested that the baby be brought to me to nurse. That didn't happen, and I was pretty upset. My one real regret with Natalie's birth was that I didn't get to bond with her after birth. The same thing happened with this birth. It was not until 3 hours later that they finally brought her to me. She is so perfect! I cannot believe how much she looks like Natalie did at about 1-2 months old! She's a big, healthy girl, but a somewhat lazy nurser. I am hoping my milk comes in soon so that I can feel more confident about nursing. It was all so measured and careful when Natalie was in the NICU.

I haven't been getting much sleep here in the hospital. Hopefully I can get more when I'm home, but the pain is definitely increasing. I am hoping they will send some good drugs home with me!

Here are some pictures that my parents took.


SturgillMom said...

Congratulations, she is just adorable!!! I hope you are able to get your pain a little more manageable.

bella1021 said...

I am glad to hear that everything went well-and fast!!

I am sorry to hear that they didn't bring her into you when you wanted :( But she's all yours now :)

Don't over do it too much :)