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Friday, August 1, 2008

Megan Day 2

We are greatly enjoying being parents of a full term baby, but it is sure an adjustment not having NICU nurses telling us what to do every second. I love being able to hold her without wires and sensors! Tonight she is under the lights for jaundice, but she will be back in my arms in an hour or so. Natalie definitely loves her sister and wants to tickle her all of the time. Natalie has been a little champ about all of the stuff going on. She is being spoiled and well taken care of by her grandparents. She was much happier today when I was dressed and had my hair fixed instead of being in a hospital gown with an IV.

I am in a decent amount of pain today, so I am hoping to get a handle on it with pain meds in the next couple of days. I'm also pretty tired. You don't get much sleep in a hospital. If it's not your baby needing to eat, it's someone needing to draw blood or take your blood pressure!

So here are some pictures from today!

Yes, dressed and out of bed. My swelling in my hands and feet is even better now than it was in this picture. I even wrote an article today for my business. Then the drugs wore off . . .

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