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Friday, April 24, 2009


Tonight we met Tim at our church for a picnic and playtime because he was working on the church's mowers. Natalie had a great time and even ate a lot. Megan wasn't so sure of the wind, but she chowed down on her cheerios. On the way home Natalie piped up "Mommy, we're best friends!" Can we say melt mommy's heart??? I love that kid.

Today the neighbors two houses down from me had a house fire. It doesn't appear as though the house was too badly damaged, at least from the outside, but coming home to six fire trucks on your street was pretty interesting. Regardless, I am not so thankful that I have discovered couponing. I have a huge stash of "stuff" in the basement that I got for free or better (yes, better than free), and I will put together a little bag of goodies for them when they are able to return home (shampoo, soap, candles, etc.) I hurt for them because they lost their two dogs. The woman of the family is unable to have children so these are their "kids." I almost cried when they were putting the dogs in bags and loading them onto the truck. So sad. Everyone was safe, however, so for that I am thankful.

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Janna said...

I'm so glad you are able to write about these moments and remember them. She will love reading these things later.