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Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a nice Easter with Tim's family, minus the ones in Michigan. I have pictures on facebook, but here is one of the girls together.

Natalie is so funny! We've been fighting colds/ear infections. Natalie started it, then started feeling a little better around the time Megan got sick. Megan was fussing and Natalie asked "Why is baby megan crying?"

Mommy: Megan caught your cold
Nataile: That why I feelin' better, Momma - Megan catched my cold!

She's had some pretty sweet moments with her sister lately. When Megan is fussing, Natalie will say "I know what will make her feel better - a great big hug!" and then deliver it. And you know what, it works! She is starting to be more sensitive to Megan and viewing her as a person, not a threat. I am glad.

The other night she was playing doctor with daddy. She was giving him "Medicine." I asked what kind of medicine, and she without missing a beat said "Fiber!"

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Ann-Marie said...

Well, at least she knows fiber is good medicine! :-) I love the photo - your girls are just adorable!