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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's a Joke

Last night Tim was putting Natalie to bed. He was explaining to her that a lady was going to come look at our house today (the appraiser for our refinance). She asked "Is the lady mean?" and he replied, "no, she's a nice lady." Natalie responded with "Sometimes ladies are mean."

Daddy: "This lady is a nice lady."

Natalie: "Some ladies are mean."

Daddy: "Most ladies are nice."

Natalie: "Some ladies are mean."

Daddy: "Ok, goodnight Natalie"
As Tim was leaving, Natalie said, "Daddy, it's just a joke!"
Oh, and Megan discovered the "Baby in the stove" today. That baby was Natalie's best friend for a few weeks when she found her at Megan's age.

1 comment:

Ann-Marie said...

But some ladies ARE mean! :-)

How cute is that photo of Megan - I love "baby in the stove," although it took me about five minute to "get it."

Duh, Ann-Marie!