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Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Little Stranger

I have been thinking about my youngest child a lot lately, perhaps because she is going to be turning one very soon. I love her to pieces. She is such a good baby, rarely fusses, and is very easygoing with all of the stuff her sister and I drag her to. She loves to screech/scream, which can get quite annoying, but she also seems very intelligent.

What has struck me recently is how much of a stranger she is to me. In her little life, she spends more time with me than any other person in the world, yet I feel like I barely know her. She is so different from her sister. Natalie was a snuggler and loved to sit on my lap and read books. I felt like I knew her well at this age. I knew she loved books, carrots, cheerios, and her doggies. I am still discovering Megan in many ways. Perhaps it is because she is a more independent personality, or perhaps it is because she is not my only responsibility and Natalie is very demanding at three. I don't know, but I am so excited to discover her personality as she grows.

What do I know and love about my baby?
  • She loves to copy her sister - notice the pictures where she is trying to put on shoes.

  • She wants to be Cookie's pal - she follows the beagle dog around and watches her all of the time.

  • She is too busy to be bothered with books or snuggles.

  • She is too busy to be bothered with the TV.

  • She has no fear - she has already climbed the stairs more than once, tumbles off of small things she climbs on, only to get right back up.

  • She has good lungs - the child can scream! Literally - not crying, screaming. Hard to explain if you haven't heard it.

  • She likes to eat, for a long time. Breakfast lasts close to an hour.

  • She is very determined. If she wants something, she will get it, no matter how often you remove her from the situation.

  • She loves to wrestle with her sister or do anything with her sister. Natalie does not share the sentiment, however.

So perhaps she is not such a stranger after all. Regardless, I love her!


Adventure Mom Janna said...

I have the same feeling sometimes. There's still so much to discover about what she really thinks about things. I know a certain book makes her happier than others but only she really knows why it makes her so much happier about it.

I can't wait to see these active girls! BTW you about me still say N is 2:)

Anonymous said...

I love your note Nicole so heartfelt! thanks for sharing your heart about your beautiful girls.
I love you

Ann-Marie said...

She sounds so sweet! I'm glad you are "getting to know" her even more now!