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Friday, June 12, 2009

Ouch and Aww

I haven't been blogging very faithfully because, well, I assume all of my blog readers are on facebook and can see my pictures there. However, I do realize that I also use this blog to chronicle our busy life, so I need to be more faithful.

Natalie was injured at school on Monday. She doesn't seem too worse for the wear, but it looked pretty bad, as you can see from the pictures.

It has healed up nicely since then!

Megan loves black olives. She sticks her finger in the hole and pops them in her mouth one at a time. It is very cute.

Natalie is becoming more and more vocal. A few days ago she was having a fit at nap time (nap is becoming a struggle and she sometimes really fights me). She woke up Megan prematurely. I was unhappy because of the grumpy baby and looming deadline. She saw my unhappiness and Megan's tears. She went to her sister, enveloped her in a hug, and said, "I'm sorry I woke you up Megan." Then she came to me and said, "Mommy, I'm sorry I threw a fit, will you forgive me?" Can we say awwww! How can you stay mad? I just melted.

Megan has learned a new skill - climbing on a step or step stool. The only problem, she doesn't quite know how to get down when she's done!

I cannot believe that this little baby is going to be one in just six weeks! She is so sweet and active and perfect!

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Ann-Marie said...

Wonderful photos, Nicole!