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Friday, June 26, 2009

Pretty Princess

Natalie is in princess mode these days. When she wears a dress, she looks at the color and asks "Which princess likes pink (green, blue, etc.), Mommy?" If I do not come up with the proper Disney princess, she gets very upset. The funny thing is, she still will not watch the movies because they all have scary (to her) parts.

Yesterday I bought the girls some new jammies for the summer, and it just so happened the best priced pairs I found had princesses on them. Tonight, Natalie was in full princess mode.

"Mommy, I'm a princess! I'm Sleeping Beauty because I love pink! Mommy, you are a princess too!"

"I have to be the queen, Natalie."


"Because when princesses grow up, they become queens, and I'm grown up."

"Oh, you can be the queen."

She was then quiet for a while.

"Mommy, the princess movies have mean queens. You are not a mean queen. You are a nice queen."

As I was tucking her into bed, I said, "Goodnight darling."

she whispered "Mommy, can you call me princess?"

"Goodnight Princess."

"And you are the queen, and Daddy is the Bee-you-tee-ful Prince."

"Yes, daddy is our prince, but he has to be handsome."


"Because boys and men are handsome, not beautiful."

"Oh. Daddy is the Handsome Prince. And grandpa is Handsome too."

The other day I read an article about the "Problem with Princesses." The author, a mom, said that she did not encourage her girls to play princess. In her opinion, it taught girls to expect a "knight in shining armor" to sweep them off of their feet, teaching them not to prepare for their own careers and plan for their own futures.

I see her point, but I feel like girls should be able to pretend while they are still girls. Real life is coming soon enough. While they are little, I want each of my girls to be able to dream of her knight in shining armor, tiaras, and frilly things. I know my knight swept me off my feet six years ago tomorrow. Why can't hers too?


Adventure Mom Janna said...

I HAD to comment on this one! So sweet how you tied in your anniversary and your handsome prince! Happy Anniversary guys. We all still look the same! :)

So smart about the mean queen nice queen too! What a thinker you have!

Jan said...

I think grampa is a handsome prince too and he is still sweeping me off my feet after 30 years...

Anonymous said...

That is so touching. My heart just melted! Also, wanted to say my handsome prince is still sweeping me off my feet after 53 years!!!