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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Update on my friend Dani

Dear Praying Family and Friends,

“Rejoice in the Lord alway, and again I say rejoice.” Philippians 4:4 was my sermon text this morning as I started on Chapter Four in our study in Philippians. (This was my 18th message on the book thus far.)

We are REJOICING for the answered prayers in Dani’s life. Amazing as it may sound, Dani called this morning just before we started our church service to say the doctors were letting her go home. The doctors put her on a strong antibiotic (co-trimoxazole) to fight the MRSA infection. Praise the Lord, the medication is working! She has improved so much the doctors thought she would recover better at home. She will remain in “isolation” at home to some degree. On Saturday morning, the doctors cut incisions in the two infected areas on her left leg, cleaned out the infection, and pumped her with antibiotics through an IV. This afternoon (Sunday) after church I went to the hospital to pick her up and found her almost back to her old ‘self’ again. The nurses were actually saddened that Dani was leaving as they were all enjoying their time together. (She had them in stitches.)

We are REJOICING because the wound on her hip is now actually healing and has closed shut. The other wounds are “itchy” (a good sign of healing) and seem to be gradually closing up as well. Praise the Lord!

We are also REJOICING with her because the surgeons did NOT cut large holes in her leg as they had the first time. This time they cut slits along the affected area to drain the infection from her sores. She will continue to take the co-trimoxazole for 10 days to be sure the infection is defeated.

Most of all we are REJOICING because we had a host of God’s people bathing the Throne of Grace with prayers of supplication for Dani and for us. God is good –all the time. Though we had great concern, we also had great confidence that the Lord would show Himself faithful. And for that we are REJOICING even more.

On behalf of Dani, Polly and myself, we want to express our thanks and appreciation to each of you who were burdened to pray for us at this critical time in Dani’s life. We hope you will REJOICE with us for the answered prayers we have seen taken place for Dani within the past 24 hours. Praise the Lord! We were also greatly moved by the dozens of email messages with words of encouragement and of commitment in praying for us. We cannot begin to tell you how “comforting and encouraging” those messages were to us. I had Dani read each one so she could see just how many people were upholding her before God’s throne in prayer. She had “no idea” who many of these people were, but only knew they were standing as advocates before the Lord on her behalf. We have experienced the tremendous power of prayer and REJOICE in God’s faithfulness to us.

Through this trial of faith, we asked the Lord to show Himself faithful and that His name be glorified in whatever He willed to do in Dani’s life. He showed His great grace and mercy…and we are REJOICING!

We are now working on building Dani’s immune system back up using a number of natural sources that have been recommended by a number of people. She still has the “superbug” in her, and we are continuing to pray for the Lord to wipe it out and restore her body to fight offany further infections. Please pray that in the remaining three weeks Dani has with us in New Zealand that her body will be built up strong enough for her to return to the States. We will be taking her back to the doctor to get a medical clearance before we allow her to return to the States. If we or the doctors find that she is any danger of possible re-infection or not being strong enough to return without health being in jeopardy, then we will have her stay in New Zealand and treated here. It will cost her (and us) far less to be treated here in New Zealand than in the States (especially since she doesn’t have medical health insurance). We all need to be assured that she will be in good health and NOT re-infected.

We would like to ask that you please continue to keep Dani in your prayers for a little longer as she is NOT completely out of danger from this MRSA infection. REJOICE with us that she is doing much better than the doctors and nurses could imagine, especially after seeing how sick she was when she went into the hospital.

“Rejoice in the Lord alway, and again I say, REJOICE!”

Your servants and co-laborers for souls in New Zealand,

Bob, Polly and Dani McLain



bella1021 said...

That is awesome news!!!

Ann-Marie said...

What an amazing answer to prayer! Praise the Lord. I'll continue to keep Dani and her family in my prayers.