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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

My wonderful husband and our adorable girls.

Yesterday was Tim's birthday. He spent the day working and helping me clean the house. I have such a good man. I am so thankful for the godly helpmate God blessed me with. We have been through a few things recently as a family that have allowed me to see his character a little better, and I am blessed. I love you babe!

Being Daddy's birthday and Natalie being older now, I decided to see if she had any ideas about his present. I asked her what she wanted to get daddy for his birthday.


"That's a good idea, Natalie. Do you think we should get him anything else"

N: "Candy, and a shirt."

Me: "What kind of shirt?"

N: "A t-shirt."

Me: "What color?"

N: "Gray. That's what Daddy likes is Gray."

So that was it. She never let go of the idea either. Candy and a shirt. Then a few days later we were driving and out of the blue she said, "MandMandMandMs. That's hard to say, Mommy. MandMandMandM's - how do you say it?"

Me: "Do you mean M & M's?"

N: "Yes, M & M's. The crunchy kind with the peanuts. That what Dad likes. That what we should get."

I took her shopping with me and was fortunate enough to find a gray t-shirt even though it's October. We bought it. I also let her pick out Daddy's card. Here is what she picked:
No, she did not want the one with the cute puppy on it that was "to Daddy from his little girl." She wanted this:

When he opened it, she told him "It has Super Guys on it Daddy!"

I think Tim had a fun birthday.


Anonymous said...

I love that she is getting so grown up and set on what she wants to do. although that makes it harder for mom and dad I am glad she is not wishy-washy. you know that runs in our family.
Love you MOM

mohoelx said...

Pretty special that she thinks her daddy is a 'super guy'....