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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Poop Patrol

With Natalie's recent tummy issues, I am in the process of collecting some stool samples. The doctor (and I) do not think that it is an infection, but we must rule out the possibility. This has led to an interesting conversation in the bathroom.

I told Natalie to tell me when she needs to do the deed because I have to catch it, but I failed to tell her how I was going to catch it. I was doing the dishes in the kitchen when I hear "Oh no, mommy, you forgot to catch my poop!"

I run in there to find a couple of little poos in the potty. "Do you have more poop?" I ask.

My bare-bottomed babe doesn't answer. Instead, she points to the potty and says, "Scoop it up mommy!"

Trying to keep a straight face, I show her the "hat" and explain that the poop cannot touch the pee so she has to poop into the special potty seat.

I then ask again if she has more poop, to which she replies proudly, Yes!

we equip the potty with the seat, and she does the deed. It makes a satisfying "plunk" sound as it hits the plastic. "It said plop!" says my sweet child.

Then, she decides she wants to watch me put the present in the vial. Lots of questions. She wants to help. I calmly explain she cannot help because the liquid in the vial is poison. Then, sadly, since we did not get the first round of poo, I have to inform her that there is not enough poo in the vial. "Do you have any more?" I ask. "Yes!" she replies and promptly sits back on the potty.

I am cleaning up the area (thoroughly, don't worry!) when I look over. My little darling is sitting on the potty turning beet red trying to push out another present for her mommy. I reassure her we can wait until tomorrow, so I guess my job on poop detail is not yet over.

Although I must say, I would rather collect poop this way than scrape it out of a diaper using a plastic spoon, as I have had to do so many times in the past. Yeah for potty trained kids!

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