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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting to Know Megan

My friend Janna put these items on her blog about her one-year-old, so I decided to copy her idea. Sometimes I think my blog revolves around my more vocal child, so here is a chance to get to know Miss Megan a little better!

Dancing Style: I love to get jiggy, and I can bounce with the best of them. I think I am getting some good jumps in, but mommy says my feet are still firmly planted on the floor. Sometimes I get some arm motion any. "The wipers on the bus go swish swish swish!"

Eating with a Spoon: I must have a spoon or fork when I am eating. Mommy doesn't give me many liquidy foods since I refuse to wear a bib, but I've got the fork thing down pat!

Philosophy of Shoes: I love shoes. Sometimes I walk around the house with a doll's shoe on my toes. If I cannot get the shoe on myself, I will throw it at mommy and stick my foot in her face until she does it for me.

Daily Mission: the day starts with finding the doggies and feeding them my cheerios. Once mommy puts a stop to that, I spend the rest of the day climbing anything and everything. Did you know the other day I was standing in my mommy's bay window! Nothing stops me, but sometimes I can't figure out how to get down.

Bath time Objective: Avoid getting my hair washed at all costs. Bath is great, until mommy starts dumping water on my head. Seriously, mom, boogers in the pigtails aren't that big of a deal, are they?

Beverages: I'm not giving up on mommy's milk too easily. Otherwise, I'm a water girl. Sometimes mommy puts a little juice in my cup and I really love that!

Phones: You can't fool me with fake phones. I've gotta have the real thing. I'm glad mommy got a Magic Jack so I can play with that phone when she unplugs it.

Playing Mommy: Put baby in the stroller, put a blanket (or pair of pants, or sister's panties, or socks, or whatever cloth item I can find) around the baby, pat her on the head, and get moving!

Church Nursery: I like to make mommy feel bad by screaming loud enough for the entire church to hear. As soon as she's out of sight, I get right to playing with my new best buddy Reagan. She pulls my pigtails, though, which I'm not thrilled about. We're still working on our pecking order I think.

Food: I love it. You don't get to 30 pounds before you are 18 months if you don't! My favorite foods are grapes, cheese, and apples. Cheerios and Goldfish are great for snacks. If I don't have my eggs in the morning, I am not a happy camper. When I'm hungry, I either follow mommy around like a little puppy dog or climb up in my booster seat and wait for her to get the picture.

Animals: I love animals. Sometimes mommy takes me to the petting zoo and I just squeal in delight. I really love it when the goats lick my fingers, which makes mommy cringe.

Talking: I am never quiet. Quiet is boring. I'm still working on my words. Mommy and Dadda I have down pat, although Mommy is the preferred word most days. I have figured out if I say "mo" (more) people give me food. Yumm, food. I love doggies and they are "grrrrs" to me.

Reading Books: Mommy and Daddy read to me at bedtime. At nap time I half listen to sister's story while exploring her very exciting room. Sometimes I get bit by the bookworm and find whatever book is available and throw it at mommy with all my might. I'm always anxious to know what happens, though, and often skip ahead to get on with the story. Books about animals are my favorite. I like to growl at them.

Wanna play? I'm ready and waiting! All 30 pounds of me,but don't try to take my toy or I will scream at you!


The Harrisons said...

aw - really cute!

Adventure Mom Janna said...

I love it!

It's fun to read the similarities and differences. B is figuring out the throwing thing and I keep having to say "not AT mommy."

Yep, she definitely has a blooming personality.