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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things I Learned on Vacation Part II

We just returned from a trip to see my grandparents and parents in Missouri. Here are the things I learned. Part 1 was written in August.

1. It will take the entire nine hours of the trip to watch one two-hour movie. (for mommy)

2. My tummy looks old (so says Natalie)

3. Grandma and Grandpa live in a really big house (so says Natalie)

4. A makeover at the mall takes a lot longer than 15 to 20 minutes.

5. Murphy's Law dictates that the time when a relative is offering to buy my girls Gymboree clothing, that makeover at the mall will make it impossible to come to fruition because we will run out of time.

6. Megan knows how to go down the stairs fairly safely, but mommy still gets nervous.

7. Wasp stings hurt a lot and create large welts. They hurt enough for a grown man to throw off his shirt in mixed company. Just ask Tim.

8. The chance to see my children with my grandparents is priceless.

9. Working while on vacation stinks but is a huge blessing - few people have jobs they can do wherever they are!

10. Outdoor family pictures with a real photographer who just may have been my Spanish teacher at one time are well worth the price. Especially when you do enough families that you can split the cost :). (Pictures coming soon or you can see them here)

11. Getting a three year old and one year old who have colds and didn't nap to cooperate with said picture session will be more difficult than you think.

12. Allowing children to take ratty teddy bears to portrait sessions could be a mistake lending itself to many photographs with said lovey in them and a few photographs with tears.

13. Pumpkins are only made for patting and sitting on. They do not taste good. Especially little green ones that look a lot like apples. Just ask Megan - they are not apples. She would not advise taking a small bite out of it.


Rosemusic said...

#8 might need some tweaking- i don't think you have grandchildren. ;-)

#13 made me laugh out loud. ;-)

MommaHarms said...

Haha! Thanks for the tip!

MommaHarms said...

Oh and Rosemusic, do I know you? Not a problem if I don't I'm just always curious as to who is reading.

Anonymous said...

such a great time we had!