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Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Favorite Time of Day

My favorite time of day is not the moment of silence when both children finally fall asleep, although I do appreciate the quiet moment to work.

My favorite time of day is not when Daddy walks in the door to relieve me of my parenting "duties," although I adore the sight of my husband coming home and the sound of my children greeting him joyously.

My favorite time of day is not giving my children a bath, although I do enjoy the splashing and squeals and smell of freshly washed children.

My favorite time of day is just after dinner, and just after Daddy has showered from a long day of work.

While mommy cleans the kitchen, she secretly watches over the ledge into the living room.

At this time of day, my children almost always get along.

At this magical time of day, my children play tag, happy squeals and shrieks coming up and down my hallway.

At this time of day my children and my husband, the three people I love most in the entire world, wrestle on the floor. I marvel as my husband lays on the floor letting over 60 pounds of girls jump on his belly, launch themselves from his knees, and otherwise beat up on their daddy.

At this time of day the computers and television are off, the phone rarely rings, and we are a family.

This is my favorite time of day.

As our family ages, I am sure the activities of this time of day will change. Perhaps we will be working on school projects together. Perhaps we will be attending a sporting event, supporting one member of the family as she strives toward an athletic goal. Perhaps we will be having family movie nights over freshly popped pop corn. Or maybe we will be reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe together, watching our children as the magic of the story unfolds for the first time.

I don't know what this time of day will bring in the future, but I am sure it will still be my favorite time of day, because during that hour before cleanup and bedtime beckons, we simply stop, relax, and enjoy one another.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.


chris said...

Awwwww........... Very sweet, well said.

Amy said...

I love this entry! Such sweet moments to enjoy.

Adventure Mom Janna said...

Great Post Nicole-you emotional mother you:)

the pic is great too!