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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coloring = Love

"Mommy, can we print color pages?" she asks in eager anticipation.

Inwardly, I sigh. I don't feel like doing color pages for the umpteenth time. I am running out of places to post these masterpieces when they are finished. Yet, her hopeful eyes brim with excitement.

Reluctantly, I say, "Yes." and we gather around the computer to find pictures of horses, unicorns, donkeys, cows, and hippos that have not been colored already before.

Then the little one awakes and wants pictures of Minnie, Daisey, Barney, and Elmo. We print. We wait. We collect them off of the printer tray. The entire process takes about 20 minutes. Then we dig out the box of crayons and markers. I make a mental note that our "next house" will have a place to do art rather than the kitchen table.

We spread out our things, throw away the markers that didn't get their caps put back on, and they start working, asking for help with cutting and gluing from time to time, but for the most part entertaining themselves and sharing nicely.

I turn towards dinner, when it hits me. This daily routine, for it happens every day, bores me, yet it brings them so much joy. When they complete a paper and hand it to me, I can see the sense of accomplishment behind those blue eyes, and I lovingly stick it on the refrigerator between the school paper from the day before and the color page from last week. I make antoher mental note to clear off some space after bedtime, taking care to place other trash over the papers so no one's heart is broken.

If this is all it takes for me to let these little girls develop a hobby that keeps them entertained while creating something beautiful, what right do I have to complain inwardly about the sameness of it? While I may tire of the daily routine, it brings them joy, so out of love we will continue.

Soon the interest will be video games and TV shows and calling friends on the telephone. For now, I want to revel in the fact that they want to be with me, create something for me, and use their intellect to make something beautiful. There are far worse ways they could be spending their time! And, as an added bonus, I can participate while cleaning the kitchen! Maybe I don't want that "place" to do art after all.

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Anonymous said...

The way you put your words together so beautifully is so touching to me. I love you and those little girls so much!


Fancy Fonts said...

I love this...I'm trying to become more of a "yes" mom myself, letting them do something that makes them so happy, even if it creates more work for me or interrupts what I'm trying to accomplish. I use the same trick, burying masterpieces under other things in the trash so no one gets upset! Someone once told me to take pictures of the artwork so your child sees you always have them, but you don't have the clutter of the actual papers everywhere.