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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Songs from the Heart

Most of the time when we are in the car, I have Christian music playing. However, sometimes one of the children will request a quiet ride, and usually I oblige. This usually means the other child will beg for music, so we have been taking turns choosing - one chooses on the way to the destination, and the other choosing on the way home.

Tonight on the way to church we were having a quiet ride. Miss N decided to burst out into song. First she sang "Jesus Loves Me" and "I'm in the Lord's Army." Then she started making up some songs of her own. I wish I had a tape recorder:

Lord, I love you, you are my sa-a-vior. You love me because you told me soooooooo. I am going to Heaven with You. You will baptize me and I will live forever.
Pardon the improper theology there. We are working on that :)

You died for me to save my soul. I love you Lord. And you love meeeeeee.

I can't help but smile during my drive while listening to that. Then she says, "Mommy, are those made-up songs?"

"I think so," I say. "I haven't heard them before."

"Well, they are real songs now because I singed them!"

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