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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Prayers of a Child

In about two weeks, we are having Miss N's birthday party. outside.

We had Miss M's birthday party outside (at the same park) in July. It was not only almost rained out, it was almost flooded. We were able to have it, but it was pretty muddy and Tim had to run out to the park to make sure it wasn't flooded before we went.

Miss N is REALLY looking forward to her party. And winter just returned to the midwest, complete with snow.

This morning I told her we need to pray for the weather. I heard her say, "I really want to have nice weather for my birthday party, AMEN!"

I'm scared. I admit it. I know, "Oh me of little faith." But I am scared that the weather will be bad, she won't have a party (and we won't get our money back so having it another day at the park will be a big expense), and then she will wonder why God didn't answer her prayer. Yet, I know God loves children and finds them even more precious than we do, so I know He wants to hear her prayer, even at five years old.

Pray for me, that I will not be worried and will have faith in my great God who made the weather. He answered my prayers for Miss M's party - we had it in spite of torrential rains the week before.

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