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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Found It!

My dream home. Chances we will ever be able to move into it are probably zilch - it will be gone long before our debts are paid and we can move. But here it is:

My Dream Home

Sure, it needs new paint and definitely needs to be rid of some nasty walpaper, but look at the character! I LOVE the staircase. New roof too. Fenced in yard. BIG windows. I love it. I love the little town it is in - I have always wanted to live there. It would be midway between church and Tim's work. It says it has a dining room and plumbing for a second bathroom - those are the two things that make this little house difficult for us right now. Even with just two kids, having just one potty often creates a challenge.

At this price, we wouldn't even be increasing our mortgage payemnt, at least not by much.

The biggest problem: We cannot put our home on the market until we take care of some very big issues it has. Houses just aren't moving quickly right now. Too many foreclosures at basement prices. We have a minimum we would need to get for this one to be able to move. Those cost money to fix. So, we are stuck until we have our debts paid off.

I really love this house. Is it crazy to pray about it when we won't be looking at a move for (at least) two years?

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