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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why I Love These People

I am not funny.

I think too much, and I think way too deeply into things.

Sometimes, in social situations, I am so busy thinking about what I should say that I never say anything or I say the wrong thing.

I really enjoy being around people, but social situations make me nervous because I am concerned I will do or say the wrong thing. I also do not have the skill that some people I know possess of making people feel comfortable or asking all of the right questions about them to make them open up.

Which leads me to this.

I love these people:


I've always had a few friends who I felt accepted the real me. A small group of moms of similar-age children, a handful of friends who have known me since high school, Tim, my family, etc. But for the first time, I have a large group of people I feel genuinely comfortable around.

My church family is special. Last night we went bowling together and you know what? It didn't matter who was grouped with Tim (I don't bowl) in the lane, we had fun. We went out to eat after and I was looking around the room thinking, "This is the first time I have walked into a room at a party and not felt uncomfortable about where I was going to sit." I knew no matter where we sat, we would have nice conversation and an enjoyable evening.

When any of the people from Heritage get together, you know it is going to be good, clean fun. (well, there might be a HELLO thrown in there, right guys?) I don't think they can know how deeply thankful we are for them. Yep, I am tearing up typing this.

To my church family: Thank you for accepting people (not just me) for who and what we are. You may not realize how special that makes you, but it does! For this overly analytical, socially awkward gal, it is such a blessing to have true friends who love me in spite of my flaws!

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The Harrolle Family said...

Nicole I love that the Lord led you, Tim & the girls to HBC and that we have become such dear friends. You have summed up our church family perfectly in this post and I am so blessed to be part of it. I love you!