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Friday, August 12, 2011

Thoughts on Loneliness

I have had many periods of my life when I felt lonely.

I remember sitting on my bunk at Maranatha as a brand new freshman, knowing only one other person on campus who I didn’t really think I liked all that well (but that’s another story altogether), wondering what life was going to hold for me. I was lonely. But that didn’t last long. Soon I was surrounded by people I grew to love and care for.

I remember attending a church where I felt disconnected from most of the people. Most people were friendly, but they were so busy with their own needs and families that they rarely had time for others. Those who would perhaps have reached out lived far enough way it was difficult to forge friendships around busy schedules.

Today, I can honestly say I am not lonely. But, in my lack of loneliness, I am noticing something. I am surrounded by lonely people.

It may not be the person you would ever think feels that way. Perhaps the lonely one near you is surrounded by people on a daily basis, giving you no reason to think she is lonely. But maybe she doesn’t have that one person she really feels connected with.

I have recently been thinking on how wonderful it is to not feel lonely. In fact, after this past weekend, I was actually ready for a break from friends! (In a good way of course). We have been blessed with many friendships suddenly, and it is wonderful.

It seems, though, that I am becoming more and more aware of those around me who are lonely. It has made me stop and think – when I was lonely and begging God for a friend, was I surrounded by equally lonely people and just couldn’t look outside of myself to see them? Was my inward focus on my need for friendship preventing me from seeing the need in others?

So my challenge to you is two-fold. If you are blessed to have many friends, is there someone outside of your sphere of influence who could use the same blessing? Can you reach out and help a lonely woman find friends?

If you are experiencing a season of loneliness for yourself, can you stop and look around? You just might find that there is someone equally lonely you could become a blessing to. Soon, neither one of you will be lonely.

I am burdened to be more aware of those around me who could use a friend. I know how it feels. . .

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