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Thursday, January 19, 2012

21/22 weeks

Ok, so I failed last week in posting my update. There was a lot going on and it just didn't seem important. I almost failed this week because suddenly the work is flowing, but this week it seems more important to me, so here it is!

We are at the 22 week mark as of yesterday. I feel baby kicking all of the time. We have learned she is a girl, and her nickname (not real name) is "Lucy," as Miss M named her. So maybe I will call her that on the blog until she is born. I'm not calling her that much at home because I don't want to confuse Miss M.

How far along? 22 weeks

Maternity clothes? Yep.

Sleep: Doing OK with the exception of getting up with all of the sickies of late.

Best moment this week: Tim got to feel Lucy kicking for the first time! I'm hoping the girls will be able to feel it soon.

Movement: Daily. I find it reassuring which is nice. I found it creepy with my other babies.

Gender: She's a girl!

Labor Signs: No way!

What I miss: Being emotionally normal LOL

What I am looking forward to: Reaching viability, my anatomy scan on my birthday next Wednesday. Getting scheduled at the high risk clinic to get my mind put at ease.

Weekly Wisdom: Sometimes, God tries our faith, and as James says the trying of our faith worketh patience. I have had some major faith trying moments in the last two weeks that I am not ready to share or blog about yet, but I have learned one thing: God will take you to the point where you think you have been pushed too far, but the truth is He will not push you too far and will give relief before you break.

Milestones: Tim feeling kicks for the first time.

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