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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Last week I received an email from a client indicating they would be dropping rates across the board in the new year. This represented a sizeable drop in income from a client that was bringing in a huge chunk of my monthly pay. While this client was not high paying, thye did have ongoing, steady work, which made it worthwhile to stick with them. The new pay rate was well below my minimum.

I started to panic. I am having a baby in four months, and I was planning to rely on this client to keep some money coming in when I took time off from my other clients after the baby was born.

Yet, this is turning out to be a blessing.

There is an amazing group of online freelancers I have connected with through a friend, and I went to them to "vent." They immediately offered support, not only through virtual hugs, but also through helping me spruce up my cover letter (which is vital in this line of work, no matter how experienced you are) and start finding new opportunities.

Currently, I am testing for three new jobs, one of which is very well paying for me, and all three of which I feel well qualified to do. These are not jobs I have "gotten" yet, but they are jobs I feel confident I can do well. One actually has basically agreed to take me on, but I am waiting to see if the pay is within my acceptable range.

If these come through, I will end up with less work and more income, because they are far better paying than the job that I am letting go.

I was in near panic mode last week, and now I am hopeful. Even if these jobs are not the right ones, I know that I am now in a position that I can land new positions. I do have the skills I need, and I will get through this. God has made this negative experience into something amazing, and in a very short time.

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