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Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

We have been having a good visit with my parents in spite of all of the trips to the hospital. Natalie enjoyed the Fourth-of-July. She was a little scared of the loud fire trucks during the parade and the loud fireworks, but she got over them quickly and had a blast. She also did great even without being on her normal schedule.

This morning was another appointment. My bp was 160/104. They sent me to the hospital where it instantly dropped. It's frustrating. Hopefully this will stop happening. I am home now, not on bedrest, and the doctor thinks it could be just "white coat" blood pressure problems. I did get to see the baby again, and this time they did a 3D ultrasound, which was really cool. She was sucking on her hand. I will try to scan the pic later.

Here are some pics from the 4th. The rest are on facebook for my facebook friends.

Playing dress up with grandma.

Gathering loot from the parade.

Family picture, swollen me and all.

Practicing Plugging her ears.


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