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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yep, Still Here!

Yep, still pregnant (if anyone was wondering)

Natalie enjoyed lunch out with a friend, and she asked what we needed for the new baby. I've actually been asked this a couple of times recently, so I thought I'd post a few things. We don't need much but we probably will be able to use:

Onsies (the non-decorated kind for under clothes) - small and medium short sleeve, large long sleeve
Bibs - Natalie was a major drooler and all of hers are gone because they are unusable.
Diapers (size 2 or up), wipes, and other similar necessities like lotion and soap (no Luvs - Natalie was allergic to them so I'm going to steer clear)
Infant toys - Natalie had very few and still plays with a lot of them and thinks of them as "hers"
Baby washcloths
Books (Natalie abused her infant board books)

As far as clothes, I really don't know what sizes to tell people. She will be born late July/August and most likely won't fit in newborn clothes long if at all because of her size. So summer clothes in 0-3 month, versatile clothes in 3-6 month, and winter clothes in other sizes. The only size that overlapped seasons with Natalie is 6-9, and we have TONS of that size.

So if you were wanting to ask, there it is. If you were not wanting to ask, please ignore this post!

On a Natalie note, she has recently started singing. Her favorite songs are "Happy Birthday" and "Jesus Loves Me." I have yet to be successful in my attempts to capture her singing on video. It is EXTREMELY cute, but the minute I pull out the camera all she wants is to say "cheese" and "see me please" - you've gotta love that screen on the back of the digital camera! Keep your eyes here for when I do get that video!

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