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Saturday, September 20, 2008

My First Time CVSing

Ok, so many of you probably don't know, but there is a huge blog network of people who use coupons and the CVS Extra Care program to get free and hugely discounted stuff. I have been following some of these blogs for a while, and I decided to try my hand. I was going to do it last week but had a rough week with bedtimes with everyone being sick, so I couldn't get to the store by myself. So this week I did it. This was my first time, so my savings weren't as good as some, and I messed up on one transaction and had to buy candy because my balance was negative, but I got $97.97 worth of stuff for $19.25! I am pretty proud of myself for my first time CVSing. Here's the loot I got, and yes, it is all stuff we need and use. It sure doesn't look like $100 worth of stuff, but makeup is expensive and I needed some desperately! I got my ideas for this week from this link. I had to improvise on some things we didn't need, and the fact that the Alieve Cold and Sinus is behind the pharmacy counter, which is closed tonight, but I did pretty good, I think. Check out the link to see how it is done. Oh, and I left the store with $5 towards my next purchase, so it's more like getting all that stuff for $15!!!


Chris said...

Hi ~

It's Chris from "Be A Blessing". Thanks for your encouraging comment. I just had to stop by and see what you got - you did GREAT! I'm glad you were able to make it all work out. I'm still amazed at all the great deals - shopping at CVS (and Walgreens) has truly been a blessing to our family.

AnnesZoo said...