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Sunday, September 21, 2008

This and That

We have had a busy weekend! It started actually on Thursday when Tim's sister and family were in town. Natalie loves her only cousin, and she had fun playing with Danelle. Not sure if Danelle had fun becuase she was very tired, but we did manage to capture a picture of the three girls, although it's not the best. Megan was hungry and the two older ones were tired!

Saturday morning we went to a Health and Safety fair at one of the local hospitals. It was free and fun, so you can't beat that! Natalie rode a bike for the first time, which was fun. She didn't quite "get it" but she had fun.

While we were there they had a big dressed up kangaroo character. Natalie was terrified of it. She literally tried to climb up my leg to get away from it. I felt bad because I couldn't pick her up because I was pushing the stroller.
Each booth had little prizes and activities for the kids. She got to put on a finger cast and play life-sized Operation. She even won a Barbie doll at one booth.

Saturday night Natalie had a blast helping us plant flowers. She was very tired, because she only napped for like 40 minutes on Saturday. She was a good girl regardless.

Well, I thought I would get to sleep in on Sunday since she was so tired, but no luck. She didn't eat dinner and so woke up at 6 because she was hungry, I think. We went to church Sunday morning, which she loves doing. This afternoon was the annual NICU reunion. We try to go every year because she gets prizes and it's a lot of fun. She really enjoyed it this year since she could participate in the crafts and games more. She walked away with two new stuffed animals, a little remote controlled car, a book, crayons, and magnetic letters.

It was very late when we got home, and Tim was putting Natalie to bed for nap time. I expected a fight because she tends to fight her nap when she's really tired. No fight. Tim said that he told her to lay down and go to sleep and she said, "I'm too tired to sleep Daddy." Pretty funny. She slept until 5:30, so needless to say we did not make it to church tonight.

In all of this excitement, we had another milestone. Megan started smiling this weekend. Here are some pictures of her.

Finally, here are a couple of videos. They aren't that thrilling. Megan stopped cooing the minute I got out the camera. But I thought grandparents might like to see a moving picture of the little munchkin. Everyone else can skip the vidoes and I won't be offended :)

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