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Friday, September 5, 2008

Simple Joys of Childhood

Natalie loves to play outside, and far too often I tell her no because I don't want to play outside. I am trying to work on not telling her no unless there is really a reason (within reason of course) so we played outside today. She was so excited to do "two fings (things)" - playing with chalk and bubbles. I took some pictures and a video. Enjoy. Oh, and there is one square on the hopscotch game that is divided because she had to have a triangle! Funny kid!

Oh, and lately she has been running around with a baby stuck to her tummy saying, "baby eat my tummy too. It have yummy milk in it." Perhaps it is the right time to teach her the proper name for certain parts, or maybe not. And then the other day we were having breakfast and we had eggs with bacon. She started singing "Jesus loves me." and I reminded her that we don't sing at the table but she managed to get in one more verse:

Jesus loves BACON!

Ha ha ha!

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