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Friday, September 12, 2008

Welcome to the Sick House

It's been a long week. Natalie woke up sick Tuesday night. She was pretty miserable Wednesday. My mother in law came over to stay with her when I took Megan to the pediatrician. In spite of all of our efforts at hand washing and banning sister kisses, the bug has spread, to Megan's nose and my eye. Check out this picture:

IT's pink eye and a clogged duct, but man does it HURT! Megan woke up this morning with a stuffy, runny nose and a cough. So we are all a mess. I tried to go to the store after my doctor's appointment today. BIG mistake! Megan screamed the entire time, Natalie pulled everything off of the shelf, and I was a frazzled mess by the time we left. I was trying to do a coupon deal, it didn't work, and all we left with was natalie's dinosaur. Sigh. Hopefully we get a really long nap time today!

Here is a few pictures of each of the girls for the great grandmas to enjoy:

At a friend's birthday party. She LOVED that cupcake!

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