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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has been able to spend time with loved ones over this holiday. I am beginning to enjoy it more and more. It is one of the few holidays that is not highly commercialized. We are visiting my family in KC, minus Joey, but plus one set of grandparents (my dad's parents). We did a quick trip to the KC zoo in spite of the cold on Black Friday. Natalie has been enjoying decorating Grandma's Christmas trees. This is her first year to really get into that. The decorations are a little low on the tree, however.

She has said many funny things but one sticks out particularly. She was putting an ornament on the tree, and she said, "I do this one by my self." It fell to the ground and she said, "Maybe not." Not quite as funny without the adorable squeaky voice, of course.

When we arrived we went potty first thing. She saw some wipes in the bathroom similar to what we use at home and said, "Grandma buy those blue wipes for me? That's very nice of her to do that!"

I am sure I will think of some other quotes to put up. Megan has also been enjoying all of the attention and sleeping even less than she does at home! She is more than willing to bestow spit up on anyone who wants it!

Here's a shot of Natalie decorating the tree. You can see other pics of our trip in my facebook album

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The Hall Family said...

The pictures are great! I just saw the ones today of Crown Center. I love that place during Christmas. Natalie says the funniest things! :) I should be writing down what my kids say somewhere...they grow so fast!