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I am a proud wife and mother, and a born again Christian. I work from home as a writer while taking care of Miss N, our six-year-old, Miss M, our four-year-old and Miss C, our newest bundle of joy. Life is crazy but so much fun!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Never Too Old to Learn Part 2

Ok, back to what I was saying. I spend a lot of time online, visiting blogs and facebook, when I need a break from work (which is also online). I see many, many people that were kids when I was in high school (younger kids) and have gone far from what we believe. These are typically third or fourth generation Christians. I am not talking about questionable things, but things that are definitely black and white in the Bible. Some things are wrong, no matter how you look at them, in light of Scripture.

So I have been contemplating how this applies to me as a Christian mom. I must pray daily for guidance. I must work carefully to protect my small children from the negative influences I see out there. I must teach them about sin, what it is, how to discern it, and how to avoid it. I must be consistent in my loving discipline of them. The goal is not just to create well-rounded adults who fit in well to society. The goal is to create children who are settled and grounded in their faith and have answers for those who talk to them. That begins with pointing them towards a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I must begin praying now for their salvation. It is not a guarantee simply because they are being raised in a Christian home.

Now for the third thing (this one is far less deep).

3) I am the mom of a two-year-old. This means I am the mom of a temper-tantrum queen. I have been praying for wisdom here. Sometimes I feel it is best to discipline her because she is simply wanting something her flesh desires and is acting out of anger. However, I don't want to teach her to bottle up her emotions. Lately I feel we have had a real breakthrough with God's help. When she starts to get upset, I stop her and tell her to "don't cry. Use your words and tell mommy." Usually she can calm down and tell me what she wants. Often she is getting mad because I did not understand what she wanted. If it is safe, not going to make us late, and not something I have told her "no" about, I usually help her get what she is wanting. I want her to learn that staying calm and asking nicely rewards her with what she wants most of the time. I reserve discipline for those times when I have to say no about something and she has a royal fit (anger). I need to teach her how to control her anger, especially when it is about not getting her way. There are always times in life when we don't get our way! I am thrilled with the way the Lord has opened my eyes to Natalie's needs, helped me to find a way to meet them, and allowed our relationship to get closer as mother and daughter.


Jan said...

My heart is swelling in thankfulness for the Lord's revelation to you about Natalie's temper tantrums. I am so glad you turned it over to Him and He gave you an answer relatively quickly. I will continue praying for you and the consistency you need in raising your beautiful girls.


Rosemusic said...

Girls are so emotional, aren't they? :-) My two younger girls get very upset at any little thing. Like you, I tell them they need to calm down. If they're hurt, I tell them it's ok to cry, but not holler. (Elanna especially screams at every little injury.) We still haven't conquered the calming down part. I think I did things wrong with my first daughter, though. Her whining drove me crazy, so I made her stay in her room until she stopped crying. She detested that separation from me. Glad to see calming down works with Natalie! :-)