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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quotes by Natalie

I want to chronicle some of the funny things Natalie says so I can remember them later. On Friday we were coming home from story time at the library and she started singing "Jesus Loves Me" when out of the blue she said, "Jesus is mad at me." Floored, I didn't know what to say, so I said, "Jesus isn't mad at you, He loves you!" and she replied, "I'm just saying a silly thing."

She is very excited about winter. She said today "Penguins love cold weather mommy!" Not sure, but she might think penguins are going to show up when it snows.

She looked outside the other day and noticed that the trees are almost bare. She said, "The trees are almost done with their leaves, so it's almost snow time. Goody, goody, goody!"

We talked about creation in Children's Church this past week. When I asked her what God made first she said, "creations."

When she wants to ask why, she asks "why not?"

This morning she couldn't find her stuffed zebra. When we found it she said, "Thank you for finding it mommy. I was very worried about him!"

I am going to post a video later of her making her bed. Out of the blue the other day she says, "I am going to make my bed now," and sure enough, she did!

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