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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Well-Said, Cal

A facebook friend offered a link to an article by Cal Thomas that was published in his local paper (imagine!) The article is here. It is an excellent look at how Christians should view the changes occurring in our country, not just in our government, but in society as a whole.

I have struggled with this in light of recent election results. I am not thrilled with our new president's views on several moral issues. I am happy that Proposition 8 was passed in California. However, deep down inside I believe it is only a matter of time before gay marriage, abortion, and several other moral issues are a part of my daily life. Is it really the government's job to fix these problems? Is it possible to "legislate morality" as they always talk about? These are questions I have been wrestling with, and the article provides a fresh take on our responsibility. Does this mean I will not vote or encourage my congressmen and women to vote morally on legislation? No, but it does put life into perspective for me. Please, read it and enjoy!

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