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Monday, September 28, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Natalie has had a lot of questions about church lately. On this Sunday, the pastor mentioned that next week would be the last week of a Sunday school contest before we "close it down." Natalie piped up (quite loudly) "They're closing down the church? Why mommy?"

The same Sunday there was a baptism at church. Natalie is just now at the age where she is in the service for part of the service time instead of in the nursery, so she has never seen a baptism. She asked "Why did he dip that boy in the water?" I told her I would explain after church, but she wouldn't let it go. I had to leave the service to explain it to her because she really wanted to know. Maybe that's not the best parenting method, but next time I will be sure to explain anything "different" before we get to church! She's so inquisitive.

I have a concern though. Christmas is coming. We don't "do" Santa. It's just not part of our Christmas. She gets presents from mommy, daddy, grandparents, etc., not Santa. I thought I could just ignore Santa but she's too literal for that and sees him everywhere at Christmas and had questions, so last year I explained that he was a real man who lived a long time ago and gave gifts to children, and now people like to pretend that he is bringing them gifts. She is fine with that and understands that Christmas is all about Jesus (although the other day she asked, "If Santa isn't real and Christmas is Jesus' birthday, how will we get presents? How will mommies and daddies go to Heaven to get the presents?")

Anyways, I am worried that she is going to pipe up to one of her friends in playgroup or at school and tell them Santa isn't real. I certainly do not want her to break anyone's heart. I mentioned it today to the teacher and she didn't see concerned (she's very experienced so hopefully she's right.) Oh well, time will tell I guess.

Oh and on the Tummy issue, I have decided to start them on a probiotic and also talk to the doctor and see what he says.

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