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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things Aren't Always as They Seem

Ok, I admit it. I am one to take things too personally. I am constantly fearful of what others think of me. I think it stems from the damage that occured to my psyche as nineth grader when I saw a note indicating that I was "the nerdiest" in the class (you know, those lists of "most popular, most likely to be married first, etc.? I was "most nerdy" according to someone whose name I have long since forgotten) Yes, that had a lasting impact on me, and I tend to read way too much into things. I am not proud of this and it is a sin that I fight regularly, but it is who I am and why I am writing this post.

I have been thinking lately about some stuff. I am realizing as I mature (I'm not 30 yet, so I still have a ways to go in the maturity department, right?) that things are not always as they seem. That person who brushed you off may be distracted because a family member they love is gravely ill, which has nothing to do with you. The friend you envy because of her supposedly perfect life may be hiding a secret that is more painful than you could possibly imagine, keeping up a good front on the outside, but inwardly hurting and crying out for help. The person who has stopped coming to church may be struggling with a physical condition you have no idea about, because they are too caring to complain about their pain.

Everyone has struggles. Everyone has needs, often ones that they cannot or will not verbalize. Can I encourage you, dear blog readers (all 5 of you) to pray for those around you who seem distracted? Maybe they are hurting. Maybe they need someone to come alongside and put an arm around them and ask what's up. Maybe they are mad at you, and you may never know, but I am learning to not look so deeply at the outward. Things are not always as they seem.


Sean and Cara said...

Nicole, thanks so much for posting this! I've been thinking the same thing for years, ever since my physical issues reared their ugly heads. I "look" healthy, so people can't understand why I don't participate in certain things, or why I miss church. It's certainly made me think twice about the people around me - maybe they're in pain too, whether it's physical or emotional!

laugavitz said...

Wow, I hope that all is alright with you and that this post is just thoughts on your part. But, I completly feel this way many times and I feel that I need to live this way as well, yet, I still "forget," to act in this way. Thank you for the reminder, now any tips on how to live this way?

MommaHarms said...

Sarah, everything is fine with me. These are just some things that have been on my mind. No worries :) Tips on how to live this way? Well maybe they will come as I try to live this way myself.

Cara, my mom is dealing with some severe physical pain and sometimes misses church from it. I know I am quick to judge those who "never come" to church, and it has made me think twice when physical problems have hit my own family.

Adventure Mom Janna said...

Yep, adults seemed so priviledged and uncomplicated...until I became one.

Thanks for reminding us to take a deeper look and be slow to judge.