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Friday, September 11, 2009

You Never Know . . .

What will come out of this child's mouth!

Especially when she is in the bathroom.

Today, for instance. She walked into the bathroom, then hollered out: "Mommy, when I have a baby will I have it in the same hospital where you had Megan a long, long time ago?"

Mommy: "Well, if you live here in this town you might, but I don't know where you will live. That is up to God and your husband."

N: "Oh. When I grow up, I am going to go to the church and dance, dance, dance, right mommy?"

Mommy: "You mean get married?"
N: "Yes! And we will dance!"

Mommy: "Well, you don't really dance at the church for your wedding. You stand there in a beautiful gown and get married. Your husband will wear a suit."

N: "But mommy, suits aren't for getting married. They're for swimming!"

Mommy: "Well, a swimming suit is one kind of suit. Go look at mommy and daddy's wedding picture and you will see the other kind of suit. It's called a tuxedo."

(Looks at the wedding picture in the living room - trip to potty is done now)

N: "Oh, I see. You put that over your swimming suit."

N: (Still looking at the picture): Mommy, you're carrying flowers. I hope someday someone will give me beautiful flowers like that!"

N: "When I grow up, I am going to have 25 babies. And I will kiss them, and feed them milk from my tummy, and hug them, and put them night night, and take care of them and love them!"

Hope you enjoyed the story!

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laugavitz said...

SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! I can't wait for special bathroom conversations :)