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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sometimes I want to Curl Up in a Ball

The Internet is a curse for me sometimes.

Miss N has a cough and sore throat she's had for a few days, and I am debating about taking her in to get it checked out since Strep is going around town. Most likely she's entering into her endless cycle of colds that happens this time of year all of the time.

Yes, she takes a probiotic and a daily vitamin. The probiotic is an expensive fancy one. The vitamin, not so much.

But I am not a fan of antibiotics, and she just finished a round for her ear infection (I know, not always necessary for those, but she was in tremendous pain and her doc thought it was a bad one).

Well meaning people who I respect have offered a variety of natural methods to help her.

Therein lies my frustration. Garlic oil in the ear, thieves oil in the house, Vitamin supplements (oh and of course only certain ones are effective enough), even a special silver that kills bacteria. HOW IS A MOMMY SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT"S SAFE AND WHAT"S NOT?

Sure, garlic oil in the ear is harmless enough, provided the infection doesn't cause hearing loss. Thieves oil is EXPENSIVE, but also harmless, except for the ol' budget. I haven't taken the time to research some of the others. I know she needs to be on Vitamin D with it being flu season and all, but I can't find anyone who will tell me how much to give them! Do I take someone else's natural doctor's recommendation for her kids, who may be smaller or larger than mine?

We don't do flu shots, but we do do vaccines for maiming and killing diseases. So we're not consistent.

I can't afford organic food most of the time, but I try to feed my children whole foods whenever possible. We also have cut much of the High Fructose Corn Syrup from our diet, and all pasta and breads (within reason) are whole grain. They just aren't organic, but I know that there are chemicals in them so every time I put food on my children's plate I feel like I am poisoning them. But have you seen the price of organic chicken? Produce maybe I could swing (maybe the dirty dozen), but meat and dairy, nope.

In the end I know they are my children, making it my choice, but what frustrates me to no end is the fact that I can't find a resource I can truly trust to give unbiased information. Why can't the medical doctors and the naturalistic doctors (whatever they are officially called) and the chiropractors all agree on things? I don't think antibiotics are poison, and I do think they have their place, but they are so overused we are getting these super bugs. Yet, when you try to research natural healing options, all of the reputable medical sites (aka, Mayo Clinic for one) say there are all these risks.

What's a mommy to do?????

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heather.watson said...

It seems to me that you are doing what you think is right, and that is all that matters. Most parents probably do not do more than half of what you are doing!

While I was reading your blog two things came to mind...1. Is she able to get the pneumonia shot? Or is that for the elderly only? 2. All the meat that we eat I try to get it from Pinnons meat store. It is local, antibiotic & hormone free...I only buy it when it is on sale. (they have great coupons every other Sunday in the paper) I buy what is on sale and usually purchase extra...enough for a couple of weeks.

I just thought I would offer a couple of suggestions. Who knows if they are worth it. :) Regardless of what anyone says, you are doing a GREAT JOB!!!