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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goodbye Twenties, Hello Thirties

Today, I embrace my 30s and say goodbye to my 20s. I think it's pretty cool that my 30th fell on 1-11-11. It's going to be a good decade, right? In honor of going "over the hill," I decided to sort of revamp my post at the beginning of 2010. It's amazing how many life-changing events occurred in my 20s. I guess this is the decade when we really "grow up." Here are the amazing milestones I have conquered in my 20s.

1. I toured Israel.
2. I graduated college.
3. I got my first teaching job.
4. I discovered freelance writing.
5. I got married to my best friend and moved to Rockford.
6. We bought our first house.
7. We had two beautiful children.
8. I had my first major surgery (c-section with Megan).
9. I traveled to the island of Guam (farther than I have ever gone, and probably the farthest I ever will go).
10. We made the hard decision to leave on church and join Heritage Baptist Church. It was very much the right thing for our family. God has blessed.
11. I discovered FACEBOOK!
12. I learned what it really means to be an adult (can't I go back to being 13 and having the biggest problem in my life being my frizzy hair and the fact that so-and-so didn't want to sit by me at lunch?)
13. I lost two grandparents - the first close loved ones I have lost.
14. I spent my first time in the ER with my child - an experience I don't wish to repeat but probably will someday.
15. My oldest child asked Christ to be her Savior.
16. I participated in my first ever 5k and ran a full mile for the first time in my life (still working on the running the full 5k bit.)
16. I learned what true grief is and how it can age and change you. I still miss my baby.

Through it all, the good and the bad, God has been faithful, as He promises to be. He has taught me, stretched me, humbled me, and hopefully changed me. I am ready to head toward the next "hill" with gusto and faith.

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Jan said...

what an encouragement you are to me Nicole. I appreciate your insight and want to warn you that even the decade of the 30's I still didn't feel like a grown up I am not sure if I even do now :-)

Love you