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Monday, October 17, 2011

First ER Trip

Well, Miss M has had her first ER trip. Here is the story.

We had been having such a lovely day. I let the kids stay up during nap since they were obviously not tired, but they let me get work done, and in the morning while N was at school Miss M played so nicely and allowed me to get my chores done.

By about 2:00 I was tired of working and chores and decided to bake some pumpkin muffins. Miss N was playing computer and needed my help, so I went downstairs to help her. While I was down there, Miss M found the cinnamon that I had left out and poured some in a bowl. She was having a lot of fun measuirng it and pouring it with the utensils I had left out. I was annoyed at the mess but it was already there, so I let her play. She was having so much fun.

After a while she was pretty covered in it. She wanted more but I obviously didn't want to waste all of the cinnamon, so I gave her some flour. She played for probably an hour. When she was done I was cleaning her off. She had been playing in her undies only so her chest and thighs had a lot of cinnamon caked on them. I cleaned her up, then headed downstairs to watch sister play her game. I noticed that all of hte places where the cinnamon was caked on were covered in a hot, red rash. it was not hives, but something else. Then she said, "I don't feel good momma." Usually she will say that her "fever hurts" which is what she generally says when she doesn't feel well. This time she specifically said her "froat" hurt.

I called the pediatrician. Turns out, cinnamon is toxic if inhaled or taken in large doses. She had to go to the ER. I also gave her some benadryl.

I was pretty calm while driving, which is surprising, but I was obviously flustered because I left my purse at home. Kind of funny that I remembered to grab the girls' Leapsters so they would have something to do but left my purse.

When I was checking in and explaining everything, the lady behind the counter said she didn't know cinnamon could be toxic. That made me feel a tad better because I sort of felt like I should have known somehow that I shouldn't let her play with it.

Thankfully they put us on a "fast track" in the ER. Not sure why as her symptoms had totally cleared up by the time we got there thanks to the benadryl. However, she still had a red, irritated throat the doctor said, which required a strep test (negative). She's coughing and a little upset now, but all seems fairly well. I plan to give her some more benadryl at our bedtime just to be on the safe side, and until I talk to her pediatrician we will avoid having her eat any cinnamon. So strange!

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