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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meal Planning Help!

Ok fellow moms, I need help!

How do you go about meal planning? I find myself struggling in this. Here is what I have tried.

First, I tried a six-week rotation. It for some reason was really hard to stick with, and most nights I didn't feel like cooking whatever was on that night's list.

Then I tried e-mealz. Great concept, but we really found we were not enjoying the majority of the meals, or they were not the type of food I prefer to feed my family (filled with processed stuff. Now I am no natural food all the way type of person, but we are trying to make small changes and when your menu revolves around cream of xyz and Velveeta cheese, it's hard to stick with your goals). I am probably going to cancel my membership within the next month or two.

So, now I am stuck again! Part of the problem is my tummy is so upset that thinking about cooking and food is just hard. I also struggle to try new dishes because the kids never like them, and it's so hard to psend that time and energy in cooking only to have everyone complain. Hubby doesn't complain, but he's not overly complementary either. But I have a family and they need to eat, even if mommy doesn't feel well. How do you menu plan? Have you found a solution that works?

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