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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chrismtas Memories

Ah, Christmas. This year I made msyelf all stressed out trying to make it perfect for my kids. It really was a beautiful Christmas. We woke to sweet girls waiting patiently in their beds (I told them to wait until we came to get them). We started the morning reading Luke 2, then we allowed them to open their stockings, and Miss N was thrilled to find Bella Sara (horse game) trading cards in it. She's been wanting these very badly for quite a while.

When I was getting Miss M dressed for church, I told her, "It's Christmas!" She got a very worried look on her face. "Aren't you excited?" I asked. "I no want see Santa. I no want sit on his lap." She was very worried she would have to see and sit on Santa since it was finally "Christmas." I assured her we would not make her do that ;)

After cinnamon rolls (frozen, not homemade, I can only do so much), it was off to church. All of their friends kept asking them what they got, and they were very patient to say, "We haven't opened presents yet."

We got home and finished some prep for dinner while waiting for Tim's parents to arrive. The girls were so patient waiting! Finally, we could not make them wait any longer. They started opening. They were every happy with their gifts, except one. I purchased a couple of games that were Toy Story themed, and M's response was, "This a boy toy!" Thankfully they really like them.

Dinner was nice, although my potatoes were lumpy (grrrrrr). After Tim's parents left, we watched Rudolph together. I love having it on DVD - no commercials or worrying about TIVO-ing it!

All in all it was a lovely Christmas. My one mistake was not giving M more "toys." She doesn't have a theme of toys she likes, but plays with everything, so I gave her games and craft stuff and a few toys. She was really into playing with N's new horses and doll, which did not go over well with N, so next year I will need to make sure she has new things of her own too that can be played with right away.

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