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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Let the Tears Flow

So, I am a weepy mess with this pregnancy! It's crazy! You can ask my husband, I am not one prone to crying. Sure, I have the emotional outburst occasionally (don't all women?), but it's not a regular thing with me.

Not so anymore.

I mean, just today at church a friend said Merry Christmas and gave me a hug and I was almost in tears. How embarrassing! The other night something fairly minor happened and I was fighting back tears the whole night in a public situation. Caused a few people to worry that something was wrong with the baby and it really was something minor. This week a sweet friend offered to come and help with some stresses I was having, and I found myself in tears again because of her sweetness and my inability to manage it all. That inability led to a huge meltdown later in the week. And don't even get me started on the Target.com fiasco!

What's a girl to do? I do not remember being THIS emotional any of the other times I was expecting. After they were born, yes, then I was a blubbering mess, but during the pregnancy, no!

I guess it's just time to keep the tissue box handy. Wish my husband luck! Are there any old wives' tales about weepy meaning a certain gender?

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