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Friday, June 4, 2010

Feed Me Books: Two Library Favorites

Last month when we were in KC for an extended visit, we raided my parents' local library for some books to read. Here is one we really liked:

Princesses Are Not Quitters (Princesses Are Not...) (affiliate link) tells the story of three princesses who are bored. They see the servants, and think "They have all the fun, out there in the fresh air working." So they order the servants to change clothes with them, and they take on the role of servants for the day. Of course, being pampered princesses, they are horrible at working. But "Princesses are NOT quitters." so they plug on, in spite of missing all meals and working LATE into the night, they kept plugging on. The next day, they realize how hard the servants have it, and make a proclamation that ends up making their kingdom (or princessdom) the happiest in the land. Oh, and they learn the value of hard work.

Since we are in major princess mode with our four-year-old, this hit the spot! Good lesson learned, beautiful dresses, and a non-disney princess story (a big plus for me, because as much as I love Disney I shudder at how commercialized it has become sometimes).

Here is another I have been wanting to share for a while

A Carousel Tale (affiliate link)

A Carousel Tale tells of a little alligator who loves to ride the dog on the park carousel. When the carousel closes for the season, he finds the dog's tail on his way home. He is so sad that the dog lost his tale. The carousel worker tells him he can take care of the tail until the carousel opens in the spring. Over time, the little alligator thinks his tail is bored, and he transforms it into a beautiful bird. When the time comes to return it, he doesn't want to. He has come to love the bird. He thinks about hiding it (stealing) but in the end he does the right thing and takes it back. The carousel worker sees how much he loves it, and they come up with a solution that works for everyone.

The book is beautifully illustrated and just a sweet story. There's a great (natural) interaction between big sibling and little sibling (loving, but realistic). I liked that the alligator made the right choice even when he didn't want to.

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Chrissy @ Home.Kids.Life. said...

They look like such sweet books. I'm going to have to look up the princess one for my princess loving daugther. Thanks for the recommendations!

Janna said...

They both sound great! Kudos to you for going to the library even on a trip! Miss you this week!

It looks like were taking a short trip next week to Omaha and see the zoo there.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Those both sound wonderful. I hope our library has them!