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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How Is This Appropriate

I'm mad.

And a simple Facebook status update is not sufficient.

Today we went to the park for Natalie's YMCA sports class. A grand time was had by all of the preschoolers. It's really a great program. Next to the field where they play is a playground. On the playground a daycamp was playing.

When we were done with class, we headed over to the playground, as is our ritual for this class. While Natalie was swinging, I watched a boy, maybe nine or ten, lay down on the ground. A girl around the same age kneeled next to him and gave him quite a nice, long back massage (they were still at it when we left). Another boy saw this and ordered a girl near him to do the same.

Ok, I am a bit old-fashioned when it comes to boy-girl interactions. I went to a college where we had the "six-inch" rule between dating couples, and I remember chanting "No PC at TC" all the time in High School (you will only understand that if you went to my high school, and no, I'm not going to explain).

But how in the WORLD is this appropriate????? Even if I though that lots of touchy-feely is appropriate among high school dating couples, these were KIDS! The teachers just sat by and laughed (the teachers were a bit too busy flirting among themselves actually).

Alright, moms, what do you think? Should nine and ten year olds be coupling off and giving each other long back massages? Am I off my rocker? It seemed COMPLETELY inappropriate to me. Completely. Ugh.


Christie James said...

I totally agree with you. I've been very discouraged by the lack of propriety and morals in our country, especially among Christians.

Shelly Kunets said...

Well, to be quite honest...that is the reality in today's world. There parents have no morals therefore they have no morals. Even there camp authority show little morals. Children model what they see and unfortunately in the real world there standards are a lot different than yours or mine. I have found this out through the years of teaching public school, believe me my first year in a public school, I was shocked!

jenmom said...

Reality or not, IT IS WRONG!!! And those teachers should NOT have allowed such behavior!

I agree with you completely! And the sad thing is that what Christie says is true. Much of this kind of thing is tolerated among Christians, or people who claim to be believers.

MommaHarms said...

Well, if it is the real world, I don't have to like it. :) We also found a used pregnancy test on the playground today (not related to the kids) - Lots of fun was had at the playground!