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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

When I was a little girl, I loved summer.

I remember making habitats for rolly pollies (pill bugs) in the cracks in my grandparents' patio. I remember digging for hours in the ant hill behind my house looking for the queen aunt with Jessica, the little girl across the street. I wanted a real, working ant farm, and was so disappointed that the ants I got with the kit did not include a queen. We were going to start a "bug club" with the other neighborhood children, just like it said in my library book.
I remember my thrill when we found our first caterpillar, Natalie and me, last summer. We watched it for a while.

This little girl, my beautiful, growing up way to fast daughter:
She is nothing like me. Well she is like me in many, many ways, but not when it comes to the creepie crawlies.

We found a couple of fireflies yesterday on a walk. I caught one and told her that she could hold it if she wanted.

Her response?

"No thank you, I'm never ever ever ever ever going to touch a buggie. Never ever."

Sometimes raising a true girlie girl is interesting, to say the least.


Janna said...

The first photo is amazing. I love the action. I used to like bugs but now I only like fireflies.

Jan said...

Those pictures are truly amazing. She is growing up way too fast indeed. Remember when we introduced ants from different colonies into your ant farm, and they fought? Oh and the ants we put in there were smaller than the farm was built for and they got out? Those are the little things that mom remembers haha-