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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lots of Firsts

As the parent of two children under the age of five, I'm living in the land of "firsts." First teeth, first steps, first friends, first time at the zoo. Lots of firsts.

I'm not one to sweat the firsts. If I miss one, it's sad, but not too sad. I can move on. There are so many firsts.

I do love seeing them though.
We had two firsts this week.

Miss M moved to the "big girl" bed. How different life of the second child is. With Miss N we moved her bed into her room so she could "get used to it" for a few days. Then we let her choose which one to sleep in before finally putting her in the other bed and moving the crib out. This after much deliberation as to whether or not it was "time."

Miss M, on the other hand, had little pomp or circumstance. Tim and I discussed over instant message at lunch time whether it was time after something rather unsafe happened in the crib, moved the bed up, and plopped her in it at bedtime. I wasn't even home! Here she is in her new bed:

She did great!

This week was Miss N's first sports class. I signed her up for a program for preschoolers that introduces five sports. She didn't like it at first. She told me, "I'm nervous. I don't know how to play baseball." After some cuddles, encouragement, and watching time, she finally jumped right in and had a blast. So here is Miss N playing baseball for the first time.

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Jan said...

that is fantastic! I am so proud of them both. and you for making the switch to big girl bed already!