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Monday, November 29, 2010

Even more to be thankful for

So last night I was doing a little research on ectopic pregnancies to get some of my questions answered. I found something yet again to make me incredibly thankful for God's hand watching over me.

During ectopic pregnancy, aggressive exercise, like running, makes it more likely that you will have a rupture. Women who are treated with the shot, like I was, are not supposed to exercise until they are certain the pregnancy is over. My doctor didn't tell me this, but I have even more to thank God for.

See, my appointment, that i almost cancelled, was on November 15. November 20 I was scheduled and signed up and registered to run my second 5k. Had i missed that appointment, I would have run that 5k, and I would have been pushing myself the week prior to improve my time.

Now, my doctor didn't tell me not to exercise, but I just felt to yucky to do the race. Then, I was too far behind on my paying work to run last week. I would have, though, had I not been so far behind. God was protecting me once again.

Today I talked to my doctor about the financial end of things and got some good news. First, she said they would back date my bills to charge the maternity coverage when I get it, and if that didn't work they would work with me to get a discount or something. Second, she assured me that they would take my maternity plan when and if we have another baby. This was something I was worried about too, because I like and trust my doctor, but I didn't have any certainty that she would take the maternity plan we use because they only do sometimes.

I had some periods of sadness towards the end of the weekend. I've decided that I'm just going to be sad sometimes, and that's OK. I will make it through this, but I will be sad. But I am so thankful for the Lord sparing my life so providentially. It makes you stop and think about how much you are truly serving him with your life when you face a potentially life threatening situation like this.

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Vera said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Email me anytime if you want to talk. verassong@gmail.com. I will be praying for you and your family.